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R.I.P to Creative Recreation | Professional Leisure

From Episode 002 of Professional Leisure w/ Naledge \u0026 Double 0
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B Jordan : I used to love this brand. I’m trying to find one of the original silhouettes.
GruntCannon : LRG, Greedy Genius and Creative Rec were on that 2006-2010 shit, they basically ran that era

Creative Recreation: In Your Own Shoes

In my own shoes means being thruthful to one self. Truthful communication is ART.

Shop CR https://www.cr8rec.com/
Follow CR on Instagram http://instagram.com/creativerecreation
Follow CR on Twitter http://twitter.com/CreativeRec
Follow CR on Facebook http://facebook.com/CreativeRecreation

Creative Recreation: Life With Style

Познакомтесь с командой CREATIVE RECREATION.
G. Bros : Cool shoes!!




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